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I am excited to connect with you to maintain, establish and sustain a long lasting relationship where we can mutually support each other and more importantly learn from each other. I look forward to connecting soon. 

Research Services

Research services can be utilized to further understand data points. Our research is mixed methods and is influenced by improvement science to connect data to lived experiences for improved outcomes.

Dissertation Coach

Provides a space and opportunity for doctoral candidates to receive encouragement, advocation, targeted feedback on writing/research design, healthy accountability, and support needed to complete the final dissertation project. Each session is differentiated based on the needs of the doctoral candidate.


Serves as an opportunity for scholars, teachers and leaders to have a individual support person who can serve as a thought partner and trusted adult as they work through the challenges and success experienced in thier current roles. This is driven by the needs of the individual and will be a confidential relationship.

Book Study Facilitation

Provides educators to engage in the most recent research and best practices through learning and application that will improve teaching and leadership behaviors.Organizational book studies are facilitated using various protocols that support scaffolding information and creating reflective opportunities that support new or changed behavior in the classroom or campus.This can be done during PLC’s or specific meeting times.

Vision/Mission Development

Supports new organizations, schools, departments or leaders in collaborating with stakeholders to determine the guiding principles that will drive all decisions made within the organization. This process is completed over a 1-2 day time frame and involves future reflection that impacts scholars, teachers, families, and communities.This service can also be provided for organizations that want to make modifications or updates to current vision and missions previously established.

Keynote Speaker, Mistress of Ceremony, or Panel Moderator

Provides organizations with an energetic, passionate, and engaging expert to motivate, inspire, and encourage scholars, teachers, leaders, families, and community members.

Retreat Facilitation

Provides districts or campuses to have meaningful planning and team building opportunities that increase synergy among teachers through collaboration, increased trust, and the development of authentic communication within the team. The result is significant improvement in student academic performance. Retreats ensure all stakeholders are on the same page with the organizations mission and vision. Retreat faciliation expert aligns with leader to establih desired outcomes for the team and supports the execution and evaluation of those outcomes.

Restorative Circle Facilitation

A service for both scholars, staff, and parents. For organizations that are committed to restorative practices. It is oftentimes a good practice for an outside stakeholder to facilitate difficult circles as a neutral party. Resotrative circles are planned and executed by Q consulting at the agreed upon time. Depending on the nature of the circle, some circles may be kept confidential unless harm is mentioned on any level. Circles are facilitated based on research based best practices and structure.

Leadership/Teacher Coaching

Provided by experienced coaching expert in a safe space, guided by norms of collaboration, on-going check-ins and reflection opportunities that will build teacher/leader capacity. The coaching experience will provide opportunity for practice, feedback, and follow up and targeted action items that will increase effectiveness aligned to the vision, mission, and expectations of the organization and what is best for children.

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